About Me

2020-03-14 15:37 CST

I am a junior student at Nanjing University, pursuing Bachelor's Degree of Computer Science.


  • Programming: C/C++, Python, Java
  • Production Tools: Git, Linux, $\LaTeX$
  • Language:
    • Mandarin Chineses (Native)
    • English (scored 101 in TOEFL iBT in Dec 2017)

Student Jobs

  • Secretary of the class committee of the elite class of CS Dept. since Sept. 2017. My main job is to organize class activities and routine works.
  • Peer Mentor of the elite class of CS Dept. since Sept. 2019. My main job is to give advise to freshman.

Class Projects

  • NJU-MIPS(2018): The final project of Digital Logic Circuit course, cooperated with Tianqi Shen. We implemented a MIPS32 system with 5 levels pipeline CPU, VGA, PS/2 and digital piano interface and a simple shell.
  • ICS-PA(2018): The programming assignment of Introduction to Computer Systems (ICS) of Nanjing University.
  • Mobile Gamepad(2019): The programming project of Data Communication (DC) 2019. I implemented an Interactive Mobile Gamepad Based on Neutral Network.


  • MBTI Type Detector(2019): Project on Google's 1st ML winter camp in China. We developed a MBTI type prediction system,a system analyse what people write down in their posts and detect their potential type.
  • Prediction Time Predictor(2019): Project on HKUST competition. We developed a Machine Learning Model to predict the running time of SGDclassifier in sklearn, which ranked the best model in the competition.
  • NJU-repo(2019): I am the creator and currently the main maintainer of the LaTeX template for the NJU bachelor.